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Length: 28" (71.1cm)
Wing Span: 35” (88.9cm)
Wing Area: ~210 (13.5 dm²)
Weight: 10 oz. - 12 oz. (283g - 340g)
Wing Loading: ~8.5 oz/sq.ft. (.25 kg/m2)
Recommended: ~24g brushless motor
Power System

The Daddy-O is a sport flyer designed by Thayer Syme based on a 16" span rubber powered free flight plane designed by Jason McGuire. Extensively redesigned from Thayer's original design, the Daddy-O now features Park Scale Models trademark 'Plans-Free' laser-cut interlocking construction.

With it's classic Golden Era racer inspired lines, the Daddy-O really stands out at the flying field and looks great both on the field and in the air. With a 35" span and 210 of wing area, the Daddy-O has a wing loading that is 'just right' for park flying. Able to accept a wide variety of firewall mounted brushless motors, the Daddy-O can be powered for mild to wild performance. While not a 3D plane, the Daddy-O's large control surfaces allow for almost any normal aerobatic manuver.

The new Daddy-O design features interlocking construction, removeable wings for storage, a redesigned battery box that can accept larger batteries and removeable landing gear to allow for an optional float kit.

Attention: Plans are NOT included in the kit. Please be sure to download the Assembly Manual

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The Daddy-O is a Golden Era inspired sport flyer designed by Thayer Syme

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