Soldering Jig - Plug
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Soldering Jig - Plug
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Soldering Jig - Plug
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Soldering wires, bullet connectors and battery connectors is a pain in the butt! Take the pain and frustration out of soldering with the wire and plug soldering jigs.

The plug jig will securely hold a battery connector for soldering. Use in conjunction with a wire jig to make soldering battery leads a breeze! Each jig includes a tabbed spacer that allows you to quickly and securely space and align a pair of jigs for fast accurate soldering.

Using the plug jigs is super simple too! Just slide the top gate up, insert the connector and slide the gate down. The design automatically adjusts to hold a variety of connectors.

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Hardware Pack - Magnets and Bolts (Add $1.00)
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Securely hold battery connectors for soldering.

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